– To create interdisciplinary master specialties in GIT for cultural heritage and tourism, integrating marketing and entrepreneurship skills oriented to consolidate local industry, following the guidelines of the Bologna process.

– To establish Geoinformation and Tourism Technology centers (GTTC) in partner countries devoted to train professionals in GIT applied to cultural heritage and tourism, documentation of architectural and historical monuments and to disseminate the history, culture and landscapes using modern geovisualization techniques.

– To create three new GIS laboratories in Tourism Economics Departments and to update existing equipment in partner country universities.

– To foster the continuous education in Higher Education institutions of current professionals by creating interdisciplinary training modules.

– To re-train academic staff in GIT, tourism management and entrepreneurship.

– To introduce and improve good practices for quality assurance in partner countries universities.

– To establish organized links between universities, administration and society to train professionals, creating labor market days, introducing GIT in tourism industry, promoting local entrepreneurship and establishing the basis to protect, document and disseminate cultural heritage and history.


The aim of this project is to create interdisciplinary programmes in geoinformation technologies (GIT) and entrepreneurship and training infrastructures to foster the sustainable development of cultural tourism in Armenia and Georgia by:

–  Creating master specialties in GIT for cultural heritage and tourism, integrating marketing and entrepreneurship to consolidate local industry.

– Establishing a Geoinformation and Tourism Technology Centre (GTTC) per partner country devoted to train, document, promote and disseminate culture and tourism.

– Modernize existing laboratories in PC universities to improve training of specialists in GIT and tourism economy.

– Fostering continuing education of current professionals creating two interdisciplinary training modules focused on the application of modern GIT technologies in cultural tourism, including quality assurance

– Strengthening links between universities and society to enhance the use of GIT in cultural heritage and tourism industry.